Welcoming people to this community and helping them make new friends

Club Charities

In addition to providing social activities for those new to the area, Welcome Club Northwest (WCNW) also supports local charities.  Part of the membership dues goes toward support of the sponsored club charity.  

Each year, the membership votes for a new charity to support.  During the year, we have a fund raiser and different and fun ways to add to the charity fund; e.g., a used book sale.

Some charities we have supported in the past are:

  • ​ AVIVA, whose mission is to provide services to improve the quality of life for children who are in the care of the Department of Child Safety
  • Youth On Their Own (YOTO), whose mission is to help young people who, through no falut of their own, are homeless, and trying to complete high school.
  •  Little Hooves & Big Hearts, whose mission is to help children with special needs and seniors to improve their physical and emotional well being through interaction with specially trained miniature horses.
  •  Make Way for Books, whose mission is to bring easily available age-appropriate, quality picture books to young children for early literacy programming which goes beyond the traditional preschool classroom.


The charity the Welcome Club is supporting this term is the Marana Unified School District “Power Pack” Program which provides needed food to chronically hungry students who would otherwise not have adequate access to food during the weekend or school breaks.  Power Packs consist of nutritious, ready to eat, nonperishable food items.  Each Friday, during the school year, the District sends Power Packs home with these students (who have been confidentially identified by the school administration).  Power Packs are important as it's been proven that students learning and attendance improve with better nutrition.  $150.00 provides a weekly Power Pack for one child for the entire school year.

If you would like more information, Google: Marana Unified School District-Power Pack Program. 

Leslie Gilpatrick, Charity Liaison